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St. Paul Saints host three-way at Midway

The pigs outside of Midway stadium's gate.

On Friday, May 9th the Saints played their only night exhibition game at Midway before the regular season opens Thursday, May 15th. The game was played between the Saints, the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks, and the Minneapolis Cobras in a game billed as "Have you ever taken part in a game? The XXXhibition Game".

Henry Wrigley about to crush one for the Saints

Now, if you are wondering how a three team baseball game works you are not alone. We had no idea what to expect when we arrived at the field Friday night either. The way the game was played was as follows. The Saints and Redhawks started off the game and played against each other from innings one through six while the Cobras watched. The Cobras then took the field and played the Redhawks in innings seven through nine while the Saints watched. The Saints and Cobras finished off the game in innings ten through twelve while the Redhawks hopped on their bus and headed out to play their next series in Texas. Not too confusing once we realized all three teams would not be playing on the field at once. Being a Saints fan I was secretly hoping for them to come up with a way for that to happen in their typical "fun is good" fashion, but they have rules and time limits to follow, exhibition game or not. The final score in the game ended up being Saints 20, Redhawks 10, Cobras 4. All and all the game was fun to watch and I can only imagine how much fun the Cobras must have had playing against the Saints and Redhawks at Midway. My MVP for the game is Henry Wrigley (2-4, 2R, 2 RBI through the first six innings....the box score I use for stats only goes up to when the Saints and Redhawks stopped playing each other).

Sister Ros and Gert the Flirt

The entertainment team was also using this exhibition game to sharpen it's skills for the beginning of the regular season. They were represented by, Lee and Halsey back sharing P.A announcer duties for the year, Gert the Flirt, The Nerd, and Mudonna. I must say it felt like last year never ended. Everyone was in mid season form already. 

I am SO excited for the season to begin tomorrow night! Get your tickets for the #LastTrain at Midway and meet us there! 

Go Saints!