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Next Train, Lowertown

Dirt Background, w/ Mudonna, Ryan Companies, & Annie - Photo credit St. Paul Saints

With the 2014, and final, season opener at Midway Stadium a few weeks away the St. Paul Saints took another step forward in the construction of their new home. The first footing of the new Lowertown Ballpark was poured today in the snow and cold. A small celebration event was held at the construction site.  Representing the Saints at the event were Annie Huidekoper, Saints Vice President of Community Partnerships, Brian Kelly, Saints Entertainment Director, and Mudonna, Saints Mascot. 

Construction event, street view.

The event today was not open to the public for safety concerns (a good idea with all the heavy machinery moving around on the site). Knowing this, I still decided to show up to see if there were any photo opportunities or extra hoopla going on. To be honest, not a lot was. It was just cold, snowy, and windy. Although I did manage to get a few shots of the action from the street behind the fence. 

Season ticket book

I think the real reason I may have went today was because we just got our season ticket booklet last Sunday at the pick up party at Summit Brewery, and last week we were able to pick out our seats for next year at the new ballpark. Both of these happening makes me believe winter will finally end (please before the season starts), and another great summer at the ballpark will start soon. 

I would also like to apologize for my lack of posting for the last couple months, (insert excuse here). I promise to get back at it and provide you all with a pleasurable reading experience about our fun with the Saints this season. Grab some tickets and make your own Midway memories this year during the #LastTrain. And, don't forget to stop by and say hi!

Go Saints!