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St. Paul Saints, the best ballgame experience around!

If you have never experienced a St. Paul Saints baseball game you are missing out on an extremely entertaining way to watch baseball. There is fun found in every corner of the ballpark. During every break in the game, be it in-between innings, pitching changes, or just the ump needing more baseballs (delivered by a pig with a pouch on its back) there is always something to keep everyone in the the ballpark having a good time. 

I would love to tell you about all of the ways they entertain the crowd, but frankly there are just too many to list. So here are a few of my favorites....


As with any team the mascot is always one of the best attractions. For the Saints it is no different. Mudonna is the team's mascot and is a pink pig (I think?) in a skirt and a Saints jersey. She can be seen wondering the ball park interacting with fans, on the field messing with the umps and players, and in general just putting a smile on everyone's face when they see her dancing and having fun.

Sieve Goalie

In-between every inning there is some form of race, contest, or just a way to make fans looks silly trying to win prizes. These can range from the old spinning around in circles with your head on a bat ten times then trying to run to the finish line, to wrestling in sumo suits, to young fans trying to score on the Sieve goalie by throwing tennis balls at a hockey net while he flops around "trying" to stop them.

Gert the Flirt

And then there is the cast of many characters the Saints have in the crowd talking and interacting with the fans. Including Gert the Flirt wondering around the ballpark flirting and hitting on everyone she can find on the bum with a blow up Saints bat. These characters never stop entertaining and are a one of the signature attractions in the stands during the game.

The last of the game attractions I will mention is not necessarily put on by the Saints, but more of a byproduct of where the stadium was built. Running just outside of the outfield walls is a set of train tracks. During a game there can be multiple trains passing by, all of them blaring their horns while the engineer waves to the crowd. The Saints P.A. announcer and fans response to this sight....yelling TRAIN!!! This has become one of the best known rituals at the games over the years.

I know every baseball fan's worst nightmare is to be at a game during a rain delay. Boring, long, hiding in the concourse to stay dry, and the only entertainment you have is watching the grounds crew roll out and roll up the tarp on the field. The Saints have a way to make even a rain delay fun. From announcing and thanking the grounds crew for their work, and then making fun of them of course. To music playing non stop through the P.A. system, which can then lead to impromptu mascot and entertainer dancing fun on the field and in the stands. (See video below.)

Then there are the game day promotions ranging from Atheist night, to This Is Twinkie Territory night where fans receive Twinkies at the gate, to "Who's on First Night" celebrating the 75th anniversary of Abbott and Costello's famous comedy skit. For the game that day Saint's players will have jerseys with a different name for each player, "Who, What and I Don't Know, etc." on the back. Now starting their 21st season, the Saints have become known world wide for their game day promotions and they show no signs of slowing down with the fun!

So to recap....The St. Paul Saints are a baseball event (it's more than just a game) not to be missed!

With our 2013 full season tickets in hand we can't wait for opening day on May 16th at Midway Stadium. It is sure to be a great season on and off the field. The best baseball around for 12 bucks a ticket and great entertainment! 

Go Saints!