Jackals outrun Saints in Last Weekend Series at Midway

With the LastTrain able to be seen in the distance the Saints began their second to last home series at Midway on August 15th. The three game set was played against the New Jersey Jackals and did not have a favorable end for the home team. Even though the Jackals swept the Saints on the field we once again found ourselves checking fun off our Midway bucket list and having a great time with friends.


The first game of the series saw both teams trade punches early leading to a 5-5 tie in the fifth inning. The pitching staffs then settled in until New Jersey scored two runs in the top of the eighth taking the lead for good and winning the game 7-5. The promotion for the game was, We'll try to prove "There's no place like home plate" as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. The evening was highlighted by all of the main characters from the Wizard of Oz being on hand to celebrate the anniversary and entertain fans. One of the best moments was Dorothy and Seigo Masubuchi doing a duet for karaoke with the real Japanese guy in between innings. Wow, Dorothy had a great voice. Also on hand for the night were the St. Paul Vulcans (in full uniform) who sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch. The game was then followed by the last Friday night fireworks show at Midway. In a homage to the olden days Bill, Steph, and I decided to have one last after fireworks tailgate to watch the line wait to leave the ballpark on a Friday night. Drinking beer and watching people waste gas for a half hour in line, yep it was still as much fun as the first time. My MVP for the game is, Angelo Songco (2-4, R, 2RBI, 2B).

Me dragging the field

Game two was almost a polar opposite to the first. Both teams starting pitchers allowed only one run through the first seven innings before the Jackals broke the game open in the eighth and ninth scoring five runs combined to win the game 6-1 over the Saints. The promotion for the game was, The Monkees wouldn't license their song so we made our own (with a little help from our friends). Take the Last Train to Midway Vinyl LP Giveaway. The first 1000 fans through the gates received a actual full sized LP with eight songs on it celebrating the Saints, Midway, and baseball. This was one of the giveaways I was looking forward to all year. Very cool. Prior to the game we attended the final 10th Inning Stretch with George and Ole at Midway. It was awesome talking baseball with them and getting to know them better before Saturday night games this year. Tonight also gave me another chance to cross an item off of my Midway bucket list. I was lucky enough to be able to drag the infield between innings to smooth the dirt out for the players. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I was in drag (a wig and a dress) get it, "drag" the field? It was really cool to be on the infield while the Saints players were warming up for the next inning, and to have fun with P.A. Announcer Halsey (he didn't know I was out there at first). My MVP for the game is, Jeff Shields (7.2IP, 3ER, 3K).

Michelle at Home Plate with Angelo Songco

The Sunday afternoon series finale was the last day game ever for the Saints at Midway. Unfortunately for the local nine New Jersey jumped ahead early and never looked back, winning the game 8-2. The promotion for the game was, Commemorate our miserable winter and celebrate your survival with the Polar Vortex Snowglobe Giveaway presented by White Bear Mitsubishi and KSTC-TV, Channel 45. The first 1000 fans through the gates received a snow globe with Mudonna inside. Another really fun giveaway. Prior to today's game I had the opportunity to check another item off my Midway bucket list. After Steph was done taking picture's of our friend Michelle (Candy Lady), who had the chance to walk the line up card to home plate we stayed on the field for the National Anthem. I stood on the field during the National Anthem. To me this is one of the coolest bucket list items yet. My MVP for the game is, Willie Cabrera (3-4, R, 2RBI, HR).

And here it is, the last home stand ever at Midway Stadium for the Saints. The Wichita Wingnuts come to town for the three games starting Tuesday, August 26th. The midweek sendoff is sure to be full of fun and memories so come say hi, and goodbye to Midway.

Go Saints!!!


LastTrain Countdown, Explorers vs Saints

With the 7th of August came the third to the last regular season home stand for the Saints at Midway. The opponent for four the game series was the Sioux City Explorers. Alas the end result was not a positive one for St. Paul, losing the series 3-1. Even with the outcome on the field the weekend was filled with fun at the ballpark. Friends from out of town, bobble heads, and tailgating made it another great stretch at Midway.

Patrick Reusse and Me

A noon start is not normally a good thing for a team with an eta back into St. Paul from Kansas City of 4:30am, but the Saints decided to buck the trend and pull out the win in the series opener. Starter Robert Cole along with relievers Mikey Mehlich and Dan Sattler turned in another solid pitching performance, and Keith Brachold and Joey Becker provided some more clutch hitting at home with back to back doubles in the sixth ninning. Final score 4-2. The promotion for the game was, YMCA Day. Being a weekday day game, the last ever at Midway, Steph was not able to attend. Three missed games in a season, I'm stating to worry about her dedication, haha. My day started by arriving in the Midway parking lot at 9:57am. Officially the earliest I have ever been at the ballpark. Another bucket list item checked off, a small one but still. I expected to tailgate with just our friends in town from Mexico Julie and Beto and their kids Emiliano and Luca, who were taking in their second game this year. But I was soon surprised and surrounded by more friends as Bruce, and Pat and Michelle showed up with a group of friends and we all partied together. We were also joined by Star Tribune sports writer, and ESPN1500 radio host, Patrick Reusse, who was there talking to fans, and manager George Tsamis for a column he wrote for the Sunday paper on the Saints. Bruce and I were quoted in the story, Reusse: Midway Stadium's days are numbered. I have to say I do love brats and chicken wings on the grill, but unless it's two for one's and I'm broke, I'm not drinking a PBR or Leinies. Fun day. My MVP for the game is, Willie Cabrera (3-3, R, RBI, BB, 2 2B).

Me, Mike, and StephGame two of the four game series didn't go as good as the first for the Saints. The Explorers won the game 6-2 as the home team was held to three hits in the game. The promotion for the game was, The fans designed 'em and the fans voted on 'em. Now the team wears 'em! Fan Vote Jersey Night. For the game the Saints players and coaches wore jerseys designed by fan Chad Jeske that were also auctioned off during the game in a silent auction. We decided not to bid this time as our jersey collection has grown at a much faster rate than we expected this year. We joined at the game by our good friend Mike who now lives in Baltimore. This was his first Saints game in years so we tailgated before the game, made a trip to the Beer Dabbler Bullpen, and even took in some of the fireworks from the parking lot. Fun night. My MVP for the game is, Jared McDonald (1-4, 2 RBI).

Henry Wrigley 3B, Dylan Thomas P

Saturday's game, much like Friday's did not turn out how St. Paul would have liked. The Explorers won 10-1 by scoring six runs in the ninth to seal it and holding the Saints to five hits in the game. The promotion for the game was, The game protested by squirrels around the world. Peanut Free Night presented by Midwest Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialists. A highlight of the night was a disgruntled squirrel mad because their were no nuts in the stadium grumbling to fans. Very funny. The evening started at the 10th Inning Stretch with friends and a visit from George and Ole. It is so much fun talking to them about baseball. My MVP for the game is, Angelo Songco (1-3, R, BB).

Before and After the HaircutThe last game of the home stand saw both teams trade punches early on and then the pitchers take over. Sixteen total runs were scored in the first four innings of the game, zero scored the rest of the way. Unfortunately for the Saints they only accounted for seven of the sixteen runs scored and lost the game 9-7. The promotion for the game was, Peanuts Day featuring the return of 2001's Charlie Brown Bobblehead Giveaway. The first 1000 fans through the gates received a really fun Charlie Brown bobblehead. We got ours, did you? A very cool moment from the game is one that not many fans knew about at the ballpark that day. Brain Kelly helped a family pay tribute and say goodbye to their Dad and Grandfather. He set up a hair salon outside of Midway's gates where the grandson got his haircut, just like he remembered from games with his Grandfather. It was a moving story, and just another way Brian Kelly and the Saints put the fans first. I love it. You're awesome Brian! My MVP for the game is, Henry Wrigley ( 2-4, R, 2 RBI).

Two. Only two regular season home series left at Midway for the Saints. Coming to town next are the New Jersey Jackals for a three game series starting Friday, August 15th. Lots of fun and really cool giveaways are in store. Don't miss out on the LastTrain at Midway!

Go Saints!


Wingnuts Tighten Down On Saints

The Saints latest home stand began on Thursday, July 31st with the first of three games against the Wichita Wingnuts. Unfortunately for the home team the quick stop at Midway didn't go as planned as the Wingnuts won the series 2-1. But the fun at the ballpark was plenty with Germans, Superhero's, and a friend checking an item off his Midway bucket list.

German Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Game one between the Wingnuts and Saints took a wrong turn quickly when Wichita put up six runs in the second inning against starter Nick Barnese. The big early lead proved too much for the good guys to come back from, losing the opener 9-3. The promotion for the game was, Das Boot! German Night plus post-game fireworks presented by Mobil Super. The night was filled with German accents, clothes, and songs. And of course the German version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch. My MVP for the game is, Devin Thaut (3-5, R, RBI).

Superhero's after their tug of war victory

The second game, just like the first, got away from the Saints early when the Wingnuts scored five runs in the third inning to take a 6-1 lead.  St. Paul cut the lead to 8-4 with a three run sixth but that was as close as they would come losing the game 12-5. The promotion for the game was, 42 years ago, Peter Parker transformed into SpiderMan. Come say happy birthday to Spidey on Superhero Night! The evening started with the sixties Batmobile and Batman parked outside the front gate of Midway, and then driving Spiderman onto the field prior to the start of the game. There was also the return of the Superhero vs Villains tug of war in between innings. The Superhero's won the contest thanks to the strength of a very young Robin taking the entire Villains team down by herself. My MVP for the game is, Willie Cabrera (2-3, R, RBI, 2BB).

Jared McDonald and Devin Thaut after McDonalds home run Sunday

Saturday night's series finale saw the Wingnuts  jump out to another early lead. But the Saints would respond with three in the forth and four in the fifth innings to take the 7-4 lead. After Wichita tied the game at seven in the seventh it was time for some more Midway magic. Jake Taylor hit a go ahead two run home run in the eighth, and Dan Sattler came in for the save. Final score, 9-7 Saints win. The promotion for the game was, The Saints induct Twins Vice President of Player Personnel Mike Radcliff into the Baseball Scouts Hall of Fame presented by Killebrew Root Beer. Mike has been with the Twins since 1987 and is now the Vice President of Player Personnel. It is a very well deserved honor for a great baseball scout. Congrats Mike! Our day started off taking in Saints batting practice on the field with Bill and Kevin. We then proceeded to the 10th Inning Stretch for tailgating and a visit from Manager George Tsamis and hitting/third base coach Ole Sheldon for baseball, and teaching conversations. After tailgating Bill was able to check off an item from his Midway Bucket List, walking the lineup card to home plate with George. A very fun day at the ballpark. My MVP for the game is, Jake Taylor (2-4, R, 3RBI, HR).

The Saints return home on Thursday, August 7th to begin a four game series with the Sioux City Explorers. There are only ten regular season games remaining on the Midway schedule. Get your tickets now and don't miss out on any of the remaining fun!

Go Saints!


SaintsTrain Live From Fargo

On Friday, July 25th the Saints began a three game series against the Redhawks in Fargo. Yes, in Fargo. Which means that I took my first ever Saints road trip with good friend Bill Tyler, and that this is my first ever Saints road trip blog. While the Saints didn't win the series (they lost 2-1), the weekend was an otherwise complete success in my book. 

My Media Pass

We began the trip by picking up our tickets and our media passes for the weekend. WooHoo! I got a media pass! (Sorry, I'm still kinda giddy about it.) We then watched the Saints win the game 3-2 as the pitching staff shutout the Redhawks from the second inning on. During the game Bill taught me how to anti cheer against the home teams chants (da da da da dada, strikeout!). It's a great feeling cheering as loud as you can when your the visitor and your team is winning. Because our seats for the game were in the 2nd row behind the Saints dugout one of the first (of many) nice aspects of Newman Outdoor Field I noticed is that the fan seating starts at field level. This gives the game, and stadium a big league feel, and provides an excellent view of the action for spectators. The evening ended with a couple beers and some great stories at a bar called The Boiler Room in downtown Fargo with Bill and Redhawks GM, Josh Bucholtz, who's a good friend of Bill's. My MVP for the game is, Nick Barnese (6.1IP, 2ER, 8K).

Joey Becker taking BP

Saturday was all about baseball, just baseball. We started the day with a stop at the Roger Maris Museum in the West Acres Shopping Center. I was thinking the same thing, a baseball museum in a mall? But, they did a very nice job of displaying trophies, jerseys, home run balls from his historic 1961 season, and many other items along with a short video about him. From there it was on to the ballpark for a tour and to watch the Saints batting practice before the game. Being this was my first time at Newman Outdoor Field, or at any stadium having a media pass, Bill made sure we made it to every corner of the ballpark inside and on the field. Then Saints bp started. I was standing on the field next to Ole Sheldon and George Tsamis while the Saints took bp (remember, I'm a huge baseball nerd and this was my first time)! It was awesome! Another very cool thing that happened was having Angelo Songco wear my GoPro on his hat during bp (video coming soon). Again, awesome! About the only part of the day that wasn't was the Saints losing the game 9-4, being done in by a six run sixth inning by Fargo. The night ended again with Bill and Josh this time on the new rooftop patio at a Buffalo Wild Wings that opened recently. What a great day. My MVP for the game is, Jake Talyor (2-4, RBI, 3B).

View from the concourse behind home plate The final game of the road trip was played Sunday afternoon and did not go the Saints way from the start. The Redhawks scored eight runs in the second inning, then withstood a couple late rally efforts from the Saints to win 13-5. Being an earlier game, and we were leaving for home after it ended, the day was just a nice afternoon spent watching baseball in a very nice stadium. My MVP for the game is, Henry Wrigley (2-4, 2R, 2RBI, HR, BB).

And that ends my first ever Saints road trip. We came, we saw, we had a great time. Special thanks to the Redhawks and Josh Bucholtz for being great hosts and helping me to see a stadium like never before. And also to Bill Tyler for an awesome overall experience. What a weekend! 

The Saints next returned to home Midway Thursday, July 31st for three games against the league leading Wichita Wingnuts. Keep a look out for my next blog coming soon.

Go Saints!


Saints Silence Canaries

The final four games of the Saints home stand were played against the Sioux Falls Canaries. The boys of summer continued their great playing, and playoff push with another series sweep in St. Paul. This was the first time in franchise history the Saints swept a seven game home stand at Midway stadium. We had an extra exciting series as we were able to place another check on our Midway bucket list, and I had a day game date with my Mom.

Coach helping Miss Adventure's Cape Wave

As the weather gets hotter so do the Saints, winning the series opener 10-4 over the Canaries. Henry Wrigley paced the offense with three hits and three RBI, and pitcher Drew Gay tossed three scoreless innings in relief to close the game. The promotion for the game was, Want season tickets for life? Show your commitment by getting a perm. Consolation prize is a ticket on the berm for the 2015 opener! It's Perms on the Berm. For those of you who don't know, a berm is general admission seating in the grass beyond the outfield wall (like you see at the Little League World Series every year). Also on the promotion schedule for today was, Do the Dollar Dance! TopLine Federal Credit Union gives the first 1,935 fans $1 and you choose how to donate it! The Vikings aren't the only team in town doing two a days in July, the Saints once again pulled double promotion duty to make up for a previously rained out day. For this fans received a dollar when entering Midway to donate to one the many deserving charities with a booth set up inside the gate. Also going on during the game was a silent auction for over seventy five different art baseballs supporting the local artists who created the pieces. My MVP for the game is, Henry Wrigley (3-4, 3R, 3RBI, HR).

Waiting to drive Seigo onto the field

Game number two of the series was an amazing night all around for us. We started the night by checking off another item from our Midway bucket list. We were asked by Saints Entertainment Director Brian Kelly if we would be willing to drive Seigo Masubuchi onto the field in our VW Bug convertible during his introduction prior to the game starting (it was SeigoPalooza). We of course said yes, having wanted to drive on the field in the Bug since last year, and it was awesome! That's really the only way I can describe it, awesome! After finding a parking spot and settling in we were treated to a exciting game, and free baseball once again at Midway. The Saints won the game 5-4 scoring their last run on a deep fly ball by Dwight Childs that the left field miss played for an error, allowing Henry Wrigley to score from second for the winning run in the bottom of the thirteenth inning. The promotion for the game was, He's not just a one trick Ride the Pony: SeigoPalooza. The night was all things Seigo as he sang karaoke with fans, rode the pony while sweeping the plate, and (my favorite contest) raced against Coach in the Rasmussen punch the clock race in the inflatable suits (Seigo won). The second promotion scheduled for the night was, 3 years later, we're still rolling! The Toilet Paper Drive presented by Innovative Office Solutions. This once again was making up for a previous weather delay (wow, we got a lot of rain in June). My MVP for the game is, Devin Thaut (4-5, 3RBI, 2BB, 2B), with honorable mention to the Saints bullpen (8IP, 0ER, 7K).

Mom trying out Pat's jumbo tailgating chair

Wednesday's game was a midweek Midway matinee starting at 1:05pm. The Saints jumped out to a 3-1 lead in the third by (doing what they've been good at all year) stringing a few hits together in a row. But Canaries answered back tying the game at three in the sixth. Then, once again, it was time for another clutch Midway hit. This time it was Angelo Songco who came through with an RBI single in the bottom of the eighth inning. Dan Sattler closed out the ninth for another save and a 4-3 Saints victory. The promotion for the game was, Got a co-worker who brags about their athletic endeavors? Make them go for the gold during Office Olympics. Because of her 8-5 Steph was not able to make it to the game today so I had a nice Mom and Son day at the ballpark. A fun part of the day for me was seeing her be able to meet everyone I tell her about, and she reads about in the blog including our friends we tailgate with, Pat and Michelle. My MVP for the game is, Anthony Claggett (6IP, 0ER, 6K).

Devin Thaut leading off second

The last game of the series saw the Saints jump out to a 3-0 lead in the first and never look back. Starter Ben Hughes and relievers Drew Gay and Dan Sattler combined to allow two unearned runs while striking out five in the game, and Willie Cabrera added an insurance run in the fourth with a double scoring Sam Maus from first. Final score 4-2 Saints win and complete the sweep of the Canaries and the seven game home stand. The promotion for the night was, We knew him before he was famous. Welcome back former Saints emcee Rusty Kath presented by the University of Minnesota- Morris. Rusty, now the in game host for the Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Wild , and the WCHA Final Five, was back where it all started for him, talking to fans, and announcing contests between innings. My MVP for the game is, Evan Bigley (2-4, 2RBI).

Another home stand in the books with lots of W's for the local nine, just the way we like it. After the American Association All Star game Tuesday (the Saints are sending LF Evan Bigley, DH Henry Wrigley, P Anthony Claggett, and pitcher Dan Sattler. Congrats!) and a day off the team resumes play at Midway Thursday, July 24th with three games against the league leading Wichita Wingnuts.

Being the Saints baseball nut that I am I decided that six days was too long to wait for the team to get back to Midway. So, Bill Tyler (friend and fellow 10th Inning Stretch tailgater) and I decided we would follow the team to Fargo for their three game series beginning Friday, July 18th. Stay tuned for my first ever Saints roadtrip blog coming soon. The playoff race is heating up and you only have thirteen (regular season) games left to catch the LastTrain at Midway. Get your tickets, cheer on the Saints, and stop by and say hi!

Go Saints! 


Saints Leap Lemurs with Sweep

The Saints began their last long home stand of the year (seven games strait) on July 18th with the first of three vs the Laredo Lemurs. Everything went the Saints way as they swept the visitors with good pitching, an offensive explosion, and some walk off magic. The weekend's fun included friends from out of town, clones everywhere, and wrestling in the Midway parking lot.

Luca and Emiliano in the Punch the Clock Race

Friday's series opener was highlighted with another solid start by pitcher Anthony Claggett, and some timely hitting by the offense. The Saints won the game 6-3 and tied the Lemurs in the playoff wildcard race. The promotion for the game was, Friday Night Fireworks presented by Xcel Energy, with a special appearance by Lou Brock. Yes that's right, the real Lou Brock was at Midway stadium to raise awareness about Type II Diabetes. He also posed for pictures with fans, and signed autographs prior to the game. Our night was highlighted by our friend Julie and her kids Luca and Emiliano being in town from Mexico and coming to the game with us. At the game they were at last year, the kids wanted to do the tire race but it was already filled, so this year we signed them up for the Rasmussen Punch the Clock Race where they were dressed in inflatable suits and raced to punch the intern holding a clock. They had so much fun, it was awesome! Thanks Brian! My MVP for the game is, Anthony Claggett (7IP, 2ER, 5K).

A quick stop on the way to the Gulag for a pic of Willie Cabrera in Left

Game two saw the Saints bats explode for twelve runs with three players having two RBI each (Maus, Cabrera, Wrigley) and one (McDonald) with three. The final score ended at 12-4 as the Saints took a one game lead in the playoff wild card race over the Lemurs. The promotion for the night was, Send in the Clones! For the game Gert the Flirt, Al Aboard, Billy Can, and Mudonna were all paired up with a clone of themselves. A fun moment during the game was an on the field tug of war between the real characters and the clones, the reals ended up winning a hard fought battle over the equally strong clones. Six ushertainers, two giant pink pigs, a trip to the Gulag, and a high scoring win for the home team, I think this is about as much fun as you can have at the ball park. My MVP for the game is, Jared McDonald (3-4, 3R, 3RBI, BB, 3B).

Ole Sheldon celebrating the Champs victory in the ringThe finale of the three game set against Laredo was a nail biter in the truest sense of the phrase. The Saints were down 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning after Laredo tied and took the lead with runs in back to back innings (6th, 7th). Then with two on and two out Willie Cabrera stepped in and came through with another clutch hit for Saints batters at home, a two run double to win the game 3-2. A fun part of the post game celebration was Manager George Tsamis being one of the first people to run on the field to congratulate Willie after the walk off hit. Even more fun was the fact the George beat most of the players to Willie and he was on second base. How can you not like a manager that shows that much emotion, and has that much fun with his players? I sure can't. The promotion for the game was, Hear the greatest blood donation stories on Half-Pint Heroes Day presented by Memorial Blood Centers. Also added to the promotion schedule for the day was AMF Wrestling after the game. This promotion was originally scheduled for June 22nd but was canceled due to rain. I must admit it was really entertaining, and the fifty or so other fans that hung around for it really got into the matches. Especially when Saints hitting and third base coach, Ole Sheldon, stepped into the ring as a special guest manager for one of the good guy wrestlers. Ole did his part by distracting the other wrestler, like a good manager does, so his guy could come back in the match and win. My MVP for the game is, Willie Cabrera (2-4, 2R, BB, GW 2B).

With the sweep of Lemurs the Saints took a two game lead in the playoff wild card race. Even with over a month left in the season I can already feel the games having a playoff like atmosphere at the ballpark. It's definitely helping make the LastTrain at Midway a fun ride! The Saints next home series began the following day against the Sioux Falls Canaries. Stay tuned for my next blog, the fun gets even better!

Go Saints!


Saints Sear T-Bones On Both Ends

The second half of the Saints last home stand began on Friday, July 11th against the Kansas City T-Bones. The local nine looked to keep their good vibe at Midway going and were able to do just that, winning the series two games to one. We once again had fun (I know, shocker) but really the fun never stops during a Saints season. This weekend included a night with no end, a look back into Saints history, and (my favorite) baseball cards.

Our selfie with Kat Perkins in the parking lot

The first game of the series once again saw late inning heroics from the Saints. Down 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth Henry Wrigley tied the game with a solo home run. Then in the bottom of the eleventh Angelo Songco came through with the game winning RBI single, giving the Saints a 3-2 walk off victory. The promotion for the game was, A Night of Unbelievable Fun: The Third Strike presented by Minnesota Atheists and Freedom from Religion Foundation. For the game the Saints players and coaches once again wore Mr. Paul, Aints jerseys. These jerseys were auctioned off during the game like all the rest have been in a silent auction. We really liked the jerseys so we decided it was our turn to get one again and bid. This time we won Sam Maus and Angelo Songco's autographed jerseys. (Yes, we got two, we each wanted our own. I told you we liked them.) A couple fun highlights were the return of the Atheist Race where contestants ran the race only to find out there is no finish line. And Voice contestant Kat Perkins singing the National Anthem, and a duet of Don't Stop Believing with Brian Kelly. We also happened to run into her in the parking lot when she was leaving the game, and of course had to get a selfie with her. Love it! My MVP for the game is Jeff Shields (8IP, 2ER, 2K), with honorable mention to Henry Wrigley (2-4, 2R, RBI, BB, 2B, HR), and Angelo Songco (3-5, GW RBI).

Fireworks at the MLB All Star Festivities from the Gulag

Saturday night's game was one to forget quickly for the home team. Down by a score of 10-1, Angelo Songco tried to spark another late inning rally with a three run home run in the eighth, but that was all the scoring the Saints could muster, losing 11-4 to the T-Bones. The promotion for the game was, A celebration of 2004's Northern League Championship - The Miracle at Midway - and the Miracle League presented by Accurate HomeCare. The Saints went down memory lane tonight back to the improbable comeback they made in the 2004 Championship game to win it all. We decided tonight was another Gulag night early in the game and ended up hanging out there until the final out was recorded. My MVP for the game is Angelo Songco (1-4, R, 3RBI, HR).

Brian Kelly and Mudonna Celebrating Sister Ros on Faith and Family Day

The last game of the series was a Sunday afternoon tilt played on a gorgeous day in St. Paul. The Saints fell behind early again to the T-Bones but this time were able to fight their way back into the game and eventually pull ahead for good after a three run seventh inning. They won the game by a score of 11-7 with the help of five doubles and a triple in the contest. The promotion for the game was, Faith and Family Day plus the Saints Team Card Set Giveaway. This promotion is one I look forward to every year. Partly because I still love baseball cards, and also because it is so easy to get them signed by players and coaches after a Sunday game. Another very cool giveaway at today's game was Last Train to Midway collector 4x6 cards that they put your picture on. This was a freebie sponsored by Gabe's, and U-Toons. These were not promoted at all (we found out about them from our friend Bill and one of the beer vendors), but they may be best giveaway we have ever gotten outside a Saints game. My MVP for the game is, Joey Becker (2-5, R, 3RBI, 2B).

Five wins in a six game home stand, not too shabby. The Saints next game at Midway is July 18th against the Laredo Lemurs (no typo, their name is the Lemurs), who they are fighting for the wild card with (if they don't come back to win the division, they are only 4.5 games behind Winnipeg). They play seven in a row at Midway during the next home stand so lets get out there and cheer on our Saints! 

Go Saints!


There's No Place Like Home, Saints Sweep Sox

Starting on July 8th the Saints began a three game series against the Amarillo Sox at Midway Stadium, and the team once again came alive at home. The Saints swept the Sox with the help of some late inning heroics, and solid pitching from their starters and relievers. On the entertainment side of the games the Nerd had his special night, and St. Patrick's Day seemed to be running a little late this year.

Joe Bonfe watching his home run

Game one was played Tuesday night and saw the Saints come back from two down in the fifth inning with single runs in the sixth, seventh, and eighth to win the game 3-2. The offensive hero was Joe Bonfe who put the Saints up for good with a solo home run in the bottom of the eighth inning. The pitching was led by starter Anthony Claggett (6IP, 2ER), and then followed by great relief appearances by Mikey Mehlich (2IP, 0ER, W), and Dan Sattler (1IP, 0ER, SV). The promotion for the game was, Spilling the Beans about Biodiesel with the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council. It was a great game watch so besides a quick trip to the Gulag for different view, we mainly stayed in our seats and enjoyed some baseball tonight. My MVP for the game is, Joe Bonfe (2-4, 1R, 1RBI, 2B, HR).

The Nerd and Nerdette meeting for the first time

The middle game of the series provided us with something every die hard fan loves, free baseball. With the Saints trailing 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth Kieth Brachold hit a solo home run to send the game to extra innings. Then in the bottom of the twelfth pinch hitter Dwight Childs drove home the winning run with a bases loaded single, giving the Saints a 4-3 victory. The promotion for the game was, Strap on your suspenders, prepare your pocket protector, and tape up your glasses; Nerd Night Returns! I must say this is one of the nights I could not wait for when I saw it on the schedule, and it did not disappoint. Along with Saints employees and Interns, quite a few fans also dressed as Nerds for the night, which made for a very interesting looking baseball crowd. The night also introduced Nerd, and the Midway fans to Nerdette (Nerd's real life fiance Erinn), who played hard to get all night before finally giving Nerd a kiss late in the game. They are great together, very fun! Also, as you can imagine most of the contests for the night had Nerd involved. From Nerd musical chairs to Nerdrobics, and even a Nerd vs Mudonna dance off. It was a fun Nerd filled night. My MVP for the game is, Nick Barnese (7.1IP, 3ER, 4K).

Saints Players And Coaches Celebrating another victory

The finale between the Saints and Sox was a close game until the St. Paul boys of summer broke it open with a four run seventh inning. The Saints would go on to win the game 9-3, and to complete the sweep of the Sox. Keith Brachold had four RBI, and Drew Gay kept the Saints string of good starting pitching going allowing only one earned run through six innings. The promotion for the game was, Mano-a-mano with Bono, it's St. Patrick's Day in July! For the game the Saints players and coaches wore green jerseys that had either Mc or O' in front of their last names. These jerseys were auctioned like all of the rest in a silent auction during the game. This time we decided to let someone else get one for a change and did not bid tonight. A fun highlight was Gert the Flirt and Brian Kelly dressed in full green St. Patrick's Day outfits. They both always go all out with their costumes, great job guys! My MVP for the game is, Keith Brachold (2-3, 2R, 4RBI, BB, 2B), with honorable mention to Jake Taylor (4-5, 3R, RBI, 2B).

And so ends another series at Midway. But don't be sad, the Saints opened their next home stand the following day against the Kansas City T-Bones. Stay tuned for my next blog coming soon to hear about all the fun!

Go Saints!


Saints Battle Redhawks in Midweek Showdown

And to July we go with the Saints opening up the month against the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks for a three game series. This was the last regular season trip to St. Paul for the Redhawks this year, sadly the Saints could only give them one loss as a sendoff from Midway Stadium. The fun for the midweek games included a Santa sighting, no lights, Forestdonna, bright and loud bangs, and lots of fun.

Gert the Flirt holding mistletoe above Mudonna for a kiss

The series opener was played Tuesday, July 1st, but the game was actually finished on Wednesday, July 2nd because the power went out in the lights behind home plate in the bottom of the ninth. Even with the delay, and the home team knocking sixteen hits, the Redhawks beat the Saints 10-5 with the help of two big innings (3 in the 1st, 5 in the 4th). The promotion for the game was, A very special Christmas in July, featuring Games of Christmas Past. Some of the best entertainment for the game was Santa himself singing the Nation Anthem, and then also walking around the stadium taking pictures. "Reindeer" dragging the field while being urged to go faster by Santa and his elf with a whip walking behind them. And the Rasmussen "punch the clock" game, where the contestants wore snowman heads while also wearing the normal blow up suits. The Ushertainers even got into the Christmas spirit. Chef Sharte had a bow on his chef's hat, and Gert the Flirt was carrying around mistletoe getting, and making people give each other kisses. My MVP for the game is, Evan Bigley (2-4, 2RBI, BB, 2B).

Jeff Shields delivers a pitch, shot from the Gulag

In the second game the Saints took advantage of two Redhawks errors in the third inning to score all four of their runs. They won the game 4-2 behind a great pitching performance from Jeff Shields (two hits, one run allowed), even though they only had three hits themselves. The promotion for the game was, Mom always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you always celebrate The 20th Anniversary of Forrest Gump". It was a beautiful night at the ballpark so we ended up in the Gulag for part of the game. Partially for the view of the sunset, but also for the view of the game, and fun conversations with Bob, Clyde, Pete and the gang that normally hang out there. My MVP for the game is, Jeff Shields (8IP, 2H, 1ER, 5K).

The National Anthem Thrusday

The rubber match between the Redhawks and Saints was a Thursday night game that saw the Saints down three runs (3-0) after the sixth inning. The home team tried to scratch and claw their way back in the remaining innings but fell just short, losing 5-4. The promotion for the game was, Independence Day Celebration with post-game Fireworks Super Show presented by Snapple. It was a great night of patriotism throughout the ballpark as the Saints honored the military (The Saints and Defending the Baseline teamed up to donate 1,500 tickets to military members and their families), along with celebrating our countries birthday. The Saints players and coaches also got in on the action wearing special Independence day jerseys that were auctioned off during the game. We, once again, decided to bid on one of the jerseys and this time won Henry Wrigley's signed jersey. This game every year is always one of the biggest of the season but tonight turned out to be the biggest of all-time, setting a Saints attendance record of 9,331. This large crowd gave me the opportunity to cross another wish off my Midway bucket list, sitting on the warning track for part of the game. When the Saints have a overflow crowd they put up a snow fence along the warning track in the outfield and sell tickets for folding chairs set up in the dirt. It was a amazing view being at field level behind the outfielders. The game was then followed by one of the best firework super shows of the year. What a fun night and game to be part of! My MVP for the game is, Angelo Songco (1-4, R, 2RBI, HR).

Another 2014 home series is in the books. The Saints next Midway stand begins Tuesday, July 8th with three games against the Amarillo Sox, immediately followed by three against the Kansas City T-Bones. Time is starting to run out if you haven't caught the last train at Midway yet (we're half way through the home season already). So get to the ballpark, stop by and say hi, and have some fun!

Go Saints!!!